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ARTWORKS collaborates with Enterprise Projects and supports the making of the upcoming EP Journal issues commissioned to some of SNF ARTWORKS Curatorial Fellows.

EPJ x ARTWORKS collaboration begun in March 2023 with the publication of the 7th EP Journal entitled EUPHORIA written by SNF ARTWORKS Curatorial Fellow 2019, Mare Spanoudaki.

Panos Fourtoulakis, SNF ARTWORKS Curatorial Fellow 2021, was the next writer for the 8th EP Journal. EP J8 was out with the title NEVER ENDING ENDS and was published in October 2023!


The essay EUPHORIA was written amid lockdown, during the recent pandemic, and it refers to practices of dance and music as forms of “spring” that release our mental and physical euphoria and, as a result, contribute to the collective search for social change, empathy and solidarity. Specifically, it focuses on three cases characterized by erotic, Dionysian and underground elements, which are directly related to the subversive and therapeutic treatment of social, political and existential challenges and crises, as well as the creation of communities. These cases are the Vlach Wedding of Thebes, the actions of Oistrogones and finally the film S W E A T (2019-2020) by Vera Chotzoglou.

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Enterprise Projects

Enterprise Projects is an Athens-based project, run by curator Danai Giannoglou (SNF ARTWORKS Curatorial Fellow 2019)  and artist Vasilis Papageorgiou (SNF ARTWORKS Visual Arts Fellow 2018). This venture aims at experimenting and conversing; experimenting with the curatorial proposal, artistic creation, self-organized function, and conversing with the local artistic scene, the Athenian audience, and the very place that houses the project. As a structure, Enterprise Projects has been functioning independently and periodically since September 2015 in Ampelokipoi, Athens.
In 2018, Enterprise Projects founded EP Journal, a publishing initiative in the form of an online publication of newly commissioned theoretical and research essays, in both Greek and English. The reader can browse through the journal online, and download or print individual issues, communicated by a design that resonates with each commission’s subject matter.
Find more about the EP JOURNAL here.


Mare Spanoudaki

Mare Spanoudaki is a researcher and curator who works in broad arenas that relate to social movements, identity politics, folk and popular culture, institutional critique, communality, archive management, and exhibition studies. Her education includes a BA in Communication, Media and Culture from Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, an MA in Cultural Policy and Management from City (University of London) and an MRes in Exhibition Studies from Central Saint Martins (University for the Arts London).
She is actively involved with the production and organization of cultural events, and has curated community projects and contemporary art exhibitions in Greece, the UK, and Germany, both online and offline. She has been a fellow of the Start – Create Cultural Change program (2017–2018) and is an awardee of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) Artist Fellowship Program (2019 – 2020). Since 2017, she is co-founder of the two-person female synergy This is not a feminist project. Currently, she is a member of Mophradat, an organization that creates opportunities for artists from the Arab World. She is an amateur photographer and dj, and a collector of archival material and vinyls.

Panos Fourtoulakis

Panos Fourtoulakis is a curator whose practice centers on media cultures; their ability to produce subjectivities and the relationship of embodied presence to mediation, particularly concerning moving image practices. He explores these concerns by developing presentations that consider the exhibition space – be it online or offline – as a medium to examine how a given context, its underlying rhythms and attention economy influence the relationship between the viewer and the image. He holds an MA in Curating Contemporary Art at the Royal College of Art, a GradDip in Contemporary Art History at Goldsmiths and a BA in Media and Cultural Studies from the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. He is the curator of courtyard, the online exhibition space by Rodeo gallery. He has curated exhibitions and moving image and performance programmes for Nottingham Contemporary (Nottingham), Cubitt (London), Goldsmiths CCA (London), LOOP Barcelona (Barcelona), Fringe Queer Film Festival (London), Haus N (Athens), RCA (London), amongst others. He has been awarded the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Artist Fellowship by ARTWORKS (2021).


Mare Spanoudaki. Photo: Giorgos Giannakopoulos

*EP–J 7 is designed by by BEND & GEORGE TSAVALOS
*EP–J 7 is translated from Greek/Proofread by GELI MADEMLI & ELEANNA PAPATHANASIADI
*EP–J 7 is kindly supported by ARTWORKS.