Do the robots dream, dad? Are the robots afraid, Mom?

creative workshop for children by Kyriaki Goni

15.12.18 @ 11:00

3 137

Kyriaki Goni (ARTWORKS Fellow 2018) presents a creative workshop for children 9-12 year olds focusing on the human and machine encounter. The workshop will take place on December 15, 2018, 11: 00-13: 00 at 3,137 Artist Run Space.

Do the robots dream, dad?
Are the robots afraid, Mom?

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere; it surrounds us and defines our reality more and more. How do we describe our encounter with this? What is the form we give it? Are there any predispositions and prejudices? Starting from very simple and practical representations we have come to the construction of extremely convincing representations of humanoids. Is there room for other interpretations and approaches? How do children at a younger age imagine artificial intelligence? How would they design it? What features would they give? What sound? What color? Which moves? What kind of communication do they imagine between the human and the machine? Art is always occupied with similar dipoles.

This is a creative research workshop that bridges art with artificial intelligence, critical design with imagination and is aimed at having fun as well as cultivating critical thinking in children.