Eirini Tiniakou participates in the group exhibition “Ancestral Futures” with the work “On Sacrifice”.

18.05.23 @ 18:00


Visual by: Pihla Lemmetyinen

Eirini Tiniakou, “On Sacrifice”, 2021 | Photo: Jorit Aust

“Ancestral Futures” investigates practices of futuring through care, collectivity and intertwined temporalities as a response to crisis, and as an avenue for dreaming and practicing the otherwise. The selected visual artists include Teo Paaer, Gabriella Presnal and Eirini Tiniakou. Artists: Eirini Tiniakou, Teo Paaer, Gabriella Presnal Co-curated by: Martina Šerešová, Mana Tashakorinia, Amy Merig, Lau Kaker, Erika Cárdenas Manzanilla, Jade Lönnqvist, Rebekka Yallop.

“On Sacrifice” is part of “Stomachoma”, an artistic research and work series dedicated to heritage, soil, folk stories and olive trees based on the traditions of Lesvos Island. In this work, Eirini Tiniakou deals with the spiritual connection of the olive tree, the female pickers, and references to rituals of sacrifice in pagan Greece where women were primal agents of such processes. Cooking of the sacrificial animal in special pots and commensality symbolized the passage of life, transgression and survival.

“Fog is a cloud that touches the ground” is a transdisciplinary event that brings together five curatorial projects presenting work in response to the shared theme of crisis. Event is co-curated by Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art (ViCCA) MA students participating in the Curating from Theory to Practice course. Opening event on Thu 18.5., 6-9 pm Featuring: We Didn’t Start the Fire Numb The Heiress Ancestral Futures The United States of Finlandica www.fogisacloud.com Visuals by: Pihla Lemmetyinen

Exhibition: “Ancestral Futures”
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Eirini Tiniakou is a visual arts SNF ARTWORKS Fellow (2022).