On the Sea of my Tttttongue [θθθθθάλασσα – στην άκρη της γλώσσας] CURATED BY CATERINA STAMOU

08.02.24 @ 18:00

Gallery Gramma_Epsilon 

Myrto Vratsanou, Έως 2023, Φωτογραφία από Hybrida Space

Irene Ragusini, Fanthom of Tethys, 2020

Αμμωνίτες: from Lake Garda to Athens, the hands carry the limestone like a memory. The body leaves something of itself on the fossil; both transient, they historicize themselves through their embrace. ⸹
Βοτσαλωτά: ceramic pebbles, unwalked. Can a field research fit in the palm of two hands? Cut in half, their nature is followed by a thought, the pebbles to come in pairs, like waves. ☼ ⸛
Γοργόνες: poetesses of liquidity. From the shoal to the shore they recite their poetry with stutters. Their aim is to break the language of the beachgoers in half, like an oyster. ϒ
Δίχτυ: permeable body, vulnerable. Being cut, it changes into something new, performing a transformation. ⸎
Εμπιστοσύνη: practiced through active listening as the dolphins swim next to each other. ⸨
Ζωγραφιές: frescoes you saw in your sleep; if someone looks at them, she gets a glimpse of your dreams. Ꜣ
Ηώς (ή Έως): what if she’s not the Sun’s sister, but the Sun herself? She arrives fiercely to build networks of light, only to leave afterwards to what her myth has built for her. No one really knows her, only the bronze reflections of the dawn. ☼
Θεότητες: all of them are multilingual, they talk about «θθθθθάλασσα», “mmmmmare” and “bbbbbahr”. ⸾ ⸧ ⸛
Ιστορία: the air brings her towards us since the iodine-like smell of the saline water contains her. ⸛
Καλυψώ: once you find her (coordinates 36°34′N 21°8′E) she’ll tell you she never forced him to stay, he was the one who wouldn’t leave. ⸖
Λήμνος ή/και Λέσβος: you took Leucothea’s rage for Poseidon and turned it into affection, sublimated into ethnographies of the northeastern Aegean islands. ⸨
Μνήμη της θάλασσας: what if the tides are nothing more than the release of elevated grief? Ꝍ
Νέα μυθολογία: all the primordial creatures they hid from you at school now come to life through you, and are reflected in the marble as you contemplate it. Ꜣ
Ξεχασμένο: water is not nation-centric. ⸧
Όσφρηση: beyond language, it functions as an intrusive antidote to collective amnesia. ⸶
Παραλία: vibrant dream whose materials you wish to recover. ϒ
Ρόκα: you pull it out of your belt as if it were a sword and visualize your own theory of affect. ⸶
Σιμόν Φατάλ: Etel Adnan dedicated to her a chapter about the sea in which she wrote: “the sea’s instincts collaborate with ours to create thinking”. ⸛
Τηθύς: unclassifiable memory, ineradicable. Common between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. ⸹
Υφαντά: beyond the loom, they are spoken like throbs, written like foams, read like pulses. ⸎
Φεγγάρι: for thirteen months it has been shining for you to embroider your book. And as its phases change, so do your poems. ⸙
Χρόνος: the dysfluent speech of the waves creates it anew. ⸙ ⸾
Ψαράκι: coping mechanism is its short term memory, since everything it sees accumulates in the multiple layers of its eyes. Ꝍ
Ωροσκόπιο: it points to where the sea intersects; the horizon on the tip of your tongue. ⸖ ⸧ ⸾

Curated by Caterina Stamou. Artists: ⸖ Mairy Antonopoulou, ⸎ Maria Ikonomopoulou, ⸙ Marianna Karava, Ꝍ Athina Koumparouli, Ꜣ Elina Niarchou, ϒ Astra Papachristodoulou, ⸹ Irene Ragusini, ⸶ Elektra Stampoulou, ⸨ Ειρήνη Τηνιακού, ☼ Myrto Vratsanou ||| Poetic references: ⸛ Etel Adnan, ⸾ Jjjjjerome Ellis, ⸧ Vera Linder

On the Sea of my Tttttongue [θθθθθάλασσα – στην άκρη της γλώσσας]

γκαλερί Gramma_Epsilon 

Duration: February 8 – March 9, 2024

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 11:00-19:00

*Caterina Stamou, Athina Koumparouli, Elina Niarchou, Irene Ragusini, Elektra Stampoulou, Irini Tiniakou, Myrto Vratsanou are SNF ARTWORKS Fellows.