Luma Arles

Eva Papamargariti | Photo: Katharina Tress

Eva Papamargariti, visual artist and SNF ARTWORKS Fellow 2019 was selected by the team of the Luma Arles Residency Program for a 3-month residency (September – December 2023) to conduct research and carry out projects related to her artistic field.

During the residency Eva will explore the connection between the greater Arles region and bodies of water (the Rhône River and the Mediterranean) that are vital to the ontology and history of the place and at the same time bear a constant state of transformation and sympoiesis involving organisms, bodies, flows, mythologies, systems of exchange, visible and invisible traces.

Eva Papamargariti, 'As they were drifting away, their bodies turned into waves', Video Still, 2021

Eva Papamargariti, 'All That Is Hidden', Installation view, 2023

Eva Papamargariti, 'Strong, Feeble, Unfixed', Video Still, 2022

Eva’s residency is supported by ARTWORKS through its founding donor the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), and as part of its ongoing collaboration with Luma Arles with the aim of sponsoring every year one residency position in France for its alumni Fellows.

Snapshots from Eva’s Papamargariti residency at Luma Arles