Eirini Fountedaki (SNF ARTWORKS Fellow 2020), independent curator and writer based between Athens and Berlin, was selected by SAHA Association for a 6-week curatorial residency program (October-November 2022) in Istanbul, where she got the chance to further develop her research and practice.

For the past few years, Eirini has been developing curatorial concepts and programmes for contemporary art institutions, such as SAVVY Contemporary and Sinema Transtopia, fostering feminist diasporic perspectives through film. Her curatorial practices have been taking different shapes, from exhibitions to film screenings, publications and collective reading series.

Taking into account the current turn of events in the field of gender rights, Turkey’s ratification of the Istanbul Agreement on March 20th, 2021, as well as the lack of a national film archive that takes on the role of promoting the work of women audiovisual artists in Turkey, Eirini’s research focused on creating a counter-archive that brings together women artists and filmmakers based in Turkey. Building on the relationships and work that has already been done by local practitioners, Eirini initiated conversations with artists and curators through a series of studio visits and meetings with grassroots initiatives and institutions in Istanbul and Izmir.

On Saturday November 12th, SAHA studio invited Eirini to talk about the outcomes of her research conducted in Istanbul during her residency (October-November 2022), as well as her experiences as a curator working between Athens and Berlin.

Eirini’s residency is supported by ARTWORKS through its founding donor the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

More information : https://www.saha.org.tr/en/participants/eirini-fountedaki

Eirini Fountedaki at SAHA studio, Istanbul

Eirini Fountedaki with her fellow residents at SAHA studio, Can Küçük and Burcu Yağcıoğlu

Eirini Fountedaki with the SAHA team. From left to right: Ece Yakutlu, Simay Teomete, Eirini Fountedaki and Serra Yentürk

Eirini Fountedaki at SAHA studio, Istanbul

Talk: Eirini Fountedaki @ SAHA Studio | November, 12 2022

Talk: Eirini Fountedaki @ SAHA Studio | November, 12 2022