ARTWORKS collaborates with Enterprise Projects and supports the making of the 7th EP Journal written by Mare Spanoudaki (SNF ARTWORKS Curatorial Fellow 2019).

The essay EUPHORIA was written amid lockdown, during the recent pandemic, and it refers to practices of dance and music as forms of “spring” that release our mental and physical euphoria and, as a result, contribute to the collective search for social change, empathy and solidarity. Specifically, it focuses on three cases characterized by erotic, Dionysian and underground elements, which are directly related to the subversive and therapeutic treatment of social, political and existential challenges and crises, as well as the creation of communities. These cases are the Vlach Wedding of Thebes, the actions of Oistrogones and finally the film S W E A T (2019-2020) by Vera Chotzoglou.

Read here EP J7 “EUPHORIA”