group Show at Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall

Rania Bellou (ARTWORKS Fellow 2018) participates in the group show After Babel at the Annex M,  Athens Concert Hall, 05.12.2018-10.03.2019.

The exhibition After Babel, is the second part of the exhibition trilogyThe Unwritten Library, curated by Anna Kafetsi. It focuses on books and texts through their physical, hybrid, or intangible reality.

Objects of desire and main characters in new fictions, books generate enchantment and emotion through the exhibits. They cross paths with the vision and other senses. Through processes both linguistic and conceptual, they open an ambiguous, often hermetic space of reading. The viewer-reader crosses its boundaries to go beyond knowledge and meaning, sometimes even beyond writing itself, into uncharted aesthetic territories.

As a metaphor, the exhibition title paves the way to other metaphors and facilitates an open, unprejudiced reading outside the Canon, through the ignored, forbidden, anonymous, or unwritten pages of the unknown, the excluded, the marginalised, the Other.

Works on view will include paintings, sculptures, installations, and video installations, artists’ books, and web art, some of which will be new productions.

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