TERAS TERRA – Petros Moris & Lito Kattou

11.07.20 @ 00:00


Petros Moris (Fellows 2018) and Lito Kattou on a a two-person exhibition at Galeria Duarte Sequeira in Portugal.

Formed by theories of non-anthropocentric points of view, Lito Kattou develops a new series of aluminum hybrid figures, a combination of bodily, mechanical and ethereal appearances, that question the idea of how contemporaneity thinks about bodies and its relationship with the natural environment. The works engage with the sculptural potentiality of flatness, processes of embodiment and the transfigurations of material properties within the margins of time and space. Imagery on their aluminum surface hints to their inner world, origins and characteristics. These entities extend through the space, accompanied by various elements frozen in time via thermochemical elaborations that represent a physical reminder of nature, or what used to be.

Petros Moris presents a series of geological landscapes that explore the stratifications of the material, the technological and cultural environments, along the fateful interrelations between natural and social phenomena. Stimulated by symmetrical structures, abstract compositions that resemble faces or masks weave together the social construct of time with geological materiality and digital fabrication. Working with marble sourced from quarries in Aliveri, Ritsona, Tinos and Volos, the artist utilizes archaic techniques and contemporary technologies to develop wall-based inlay works that employ the painterly aspects of marble in order to assemble word-based palindromes and anagrams. Embedded into geological matter, these language-constructs reconfigure and fracture perceptions of meaning, materiality and time.

Lito Kattou and Petros Moris create works in dialogue that explore the entangled and transformative relationships between geological matter, language, bodies and subjectivity. Configured through both the embracing and the distancing from anthropocentric perspectives, the exhibition narrates a nonlinear account of juxtapositions and assemblages of cultural and material time.

Duration: 11.07 – 12.09.2020
Galeria Duarte Sequeira: Rua de Galeria, 129, Portugal