12.10.23 @ 19:00

EMΣΤ | National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens

Chrysanthi Koumianaki, "When the Performance Ends", 2023, ΕΜΣΤ new production, Courtesy of the artist , Photo: YOOOP Studio

Maria Varela, "Rugs of Life", 2020, Produced in collaboration with the Twanza Cooperative, Courtesy of the artist , Photo by Anna Primou

Karolina Krasouli, "How to Remember (Plans)", 2022, Courtesy of the artist and Kalfayan Galleries, Athens – Thessaloniki, Photo: Kelly Filiou

Bia Davou, "Serial Structures 2 – Odyssey", 1978–1981, Donated by Zafos Xagoraris, Collection of ΕΜΣΤ

Symbiotics, by the miss dialectic curatorial team, was chosen through an open call process by EMΣΤ | National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, for the submission of proposals for a group exhibition. A contemporary narrative on coexistence, which focuses on the process of communication through female art practices, defines the conceptual core of the project, which comprises a group exhibition, framed by a broad programme of public events. The exhibition presents works by four contemporary Greek visual artists – Chrysanthi Koumianaki, Karolina Krasouli, Christina Mitrentse, and Maria Varela – as well as by the artist group Phantom Investigations (Giannis Delagrammatikas and Ino Varvariti). Compositions by Chryssa, Bia Davou, and Nausica Pastra, from the EMΣT collection, complete the exhibition, whose starting point, in fact, according to the curatorial team, is the series of drawings Serial Structures 2 – Odyssey by Bia Davou. The Symbiotic Discourses of the public programme include workshops and educational events (by Karolina Krasouli, Christina Mitrentse, and Maria Varela), performances (by Chrysanthi Koumianaki), and a performative lecture (by Phantom Investigations).

The use of the grid as a common structural component of the works in the exhibition functions in a unifying manner, defining a literal, or even an imaginary, space within which the concepts of equilibrium, seriality, repetition, succession and – potentially – liberation and expansion into the real and the public space, are dynamically imposed. The grid, in addition, is connected to weaving – an activity that has been traditionally linked to the place and role of women. Weaving is here elevated as a fine art practice, turning the process of handicraft into a tool of empowerment of the female in contemporary art and connecting it to different versions of the visual, textual, scientific, and technological language. This medium is common in the practice of the visual artists taking part in the exhibition, heightening the symbiotic and conceptual system of their coexistence. At the same time, they share features such as the reuse of motifs and symbols (also) from their earlier works, which are inherent in and converse with their subsequent proposals.

Emphasising the process of creation through fragmentary images and codes, using a broad range of art mediums, the works presented in the Symbiotics exhibition create space and rhythm, become poetic gestures and contemplations on contemporary reality and the history of art itself, and weave their own narrative on the female in art, “in a room of one’s own” (Virginia Woolf).

At the opening of the exhibition, three performances by Chrysanthi Koumianaki are presented from 20:00 in the exhibition space as well as in other common areas of the Museum.

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*Klea Charitou and and Kelly Tsipni-Kolaza, co-founder of miss dialectic are SNF ARTWORKS Curatorial Fellows. Chrysanthi Koumianaki, Karolina Krasouli,  Maria Varela and Giannis Delagrammatikas member of the group Phantom Investigations are SNF ARTWORKS Visual Fellows.