one work show: “All the sticks, spears and swords, blades entwined.” | Ileana Arnaoutou & Ismene King

05.10.23 @ 19:00


The third presentation of the one work show series is presenting a new body of work by the artist duo Ileana Arnaoutou and Ismene King under the title All the sticks, spears and swords, blades entwined . Drawn to questions concerning the environment and femininity, the artist duo explores fragmented structures within immediate surroundings. The site specific approach evolves around the re-use of materials which already exist, the re-assemblage of fragmented shapes as well as re
– thinking the perception of our realities.

As part of the new production Arnaoutou and King collected fragments of a wind turbine which was destroyed during a storm by a strike of lightning. The broken turbine parts were found and selected at the Perme recycling site in Ritsona, Greece. Arnaoutou and King were particularly drawn to fragments that revealed both, the aerodynamic shape as well as the industrial character of the firm structures. When looking at the chosen structures, one can interpret them as a dichotomy of materiality. The material is alienated from its natural state and only through the artistic practice it is re- trans
ated into an organic form. Once firm and heavy, Arnaoutou and King bend the structures of the wind turbine just like weaving any organic fiber. This translation of visible shapes symbolizes notions of regeneration.

All the sticks, spears and swords, blades entwined
Ileana Arnaoutou & Ismene King
05–27 October 2023
Opening day: 05 October 2023, 7 pm–10 pm

*Ileana Arnaoutou and Ismene King are SNF ARTWORKS Fellows.