10.12.22 @ 16:00


CRAMA is pleased to present the group exhibition post-truth, fiction, object with works by Noi Fuhrer, Vangelis Gokas, Michael Müller, and Tom Palin.

A questioning gaze, an introverted, self-referencing or self-examining act, one of groping or outlining matters but, simultaneously, outlining the very same act of this. An outlining-physical yet conceptual as well-in duality and as an act of a mirroring between the object and the hand that depicts it. With the occasion of this exhibition, we aspire to take painting as a case study. Painting as an operation through which one may touch the matter of one’s relation to the world and to themselves in both manners of depicting and perceiving, regardless actually whether any actual depiction takes place. Painting as fieldwork regarding individual perception and interpretation, in relation to objects and objectivity, regarding one’s relation to the world. Painting as an act in the dark, an operation in blindfold, yet with a disarming simplicity and honesty. Moreover, painting with the awkwardness that may come along with it; the feeling of uneasiness when standing in front of a painting, of not being sure how to act in relation to it. Are we meant to ‘read’ the painted image, to decipher its deeper meanings? Is there a given path, a possible structural analysis starting perhaps from the ‘thingly’ character of the work and moving to its ‘symbolic’ sides or semiotic connotations?

Noi Fuhrer, Vangelis Gokas, Michael Müller, Tom Palin
curated by Giorgos Kontis
post-truth, fiction, object

Opening December 10th 2022, 4 – 8pm, the exhibition will continue until December 17th 2022 only by appointment: +49 152 04 983 376, [email protected] CRAMA Triftstraße 66, 13353 BERLIN

*Giorgos Kontis is a visual arts SNF ARTWORKS Fellows (2021)