Augustus Veinoglou: Station Retrogade

Solo show

24.05.18 @ 20:00

Elika Gallery, Athens

With his first solo exhibition at Elika Gallery, Augustus Veinoglou (ARTWORKS Fellow 2018) redefines the exhibition space by incorporating into the gallery architectural elements of an underground tunnel. What triggers it and guides it is the inextricable urban landscape with its inconspicuous structures of a hidden town.

The installation focuses on networks of invisible aqueducts, extending under archaeological sites, on subway tunnels, as well as on the excavation tracks formed by the archaeologists. It is an environment composed by three-dimensional, wall-mounted sculptures, associated with urban myths of the city.

Station Retrograde, emits an allegory regarding the definition of retrogression. Throughout excavations and a tendency to rake-up the soil, we inherit today the works presented at this exhibition, like fossils and machinery complex, pointing to an underground technological world. This process does not focus on the past. Seen from the future, the pieces converse with the destructible and indestructible, they become with the use of natural and synthetic materials the traces of a decomposing space.

On view: 25.05.18 – 30.06.18