3 137 and Enterpirse Projects invited at ‘φαινόμενα’



The Collection Kerenidis Pepe and the Association Phenomenon are pleased to announce φαινόμενα, a one-week program of contemporary art taking place on the Aegean island of Anafi, Greece, between 5–12 July, 2021, in collaboration with the invited art centres 3 137, EIGHT, Enterprise Projects, The Island Club and State of Concept Athens, from Greece and Cyprus.

φαινόμενα —pronounced ‘phenomena’— is an alternative plural incarnation of the biennial project Phenomenon initiated in 2015. φαινόμενα reflects and responds to a period where space, social interactions, travel, and scale, have been warped and revealed as constructs of institutional powers. φαινόμενα hopes to explore these times as an opportunity to rethink space, in particular public space, not as an external container, but as something that both gets created by and shapes bodies in a continuous, political struggle. Questions of spatialities, heterotopias, small-scale initiatives, togetherness, and care that can be negotiated through research, art projects, and social activities, will serve as the start for our work together, always in close relation to the island of Anafi, its present, its histories and its human and non-human inhabitants.

Each invited art centre will have one day to orchestrate an event, a performance, a screening, a workshop, a lecture, a discussion, a reading, a display, that would function as a chapter in a longer open-ended story that unfolds over the week. Public open spaces will be given preference both as a direct relation to the project research and also to mitigate covid-related risks. All necessary precautions will be implemented to protect the inhabitants of Anafi, the participants and the visitors.

More information on the program and the related events will be announced closer to the dates.

3 137  is an artist run space in Athens founded by Paky Vlassopoulou, Chrysanthi Koumianaki and Kosmas Nikolaou. All three artists are ARTWORKS Fellows

Enterprise Projects is an Athens based project by Danai Giannoglou and Vassilis Papageorgiou. Both are ARTWORKS Fellows.