16.12.22 @ 17:00


Mariela Nestora, choreographer, researcher and member of our dance selection committee gave an extensive talk about her experimentations and collaborations, her deep interest in the environmental crisis and other key areas that are the driving forces behind her work. Mariela also elaborated on the idea of approaching choreography as a gathering and the methodology that she has developed referred to as “molecular choreography”.

Mariela Nestora is a choreographer, researcher and Feldenkrais practitioner based in Athens, Greece. She studied: Master’s program on artistic research- ArtEZ University of the Arts (Holland), Feldenkrais method Professional Training (Greece1, IFF), Contemporary dance and Choreography-London Contemporary Dance School (UK), Biology-B.Sc., Queen Mary and Westfield (UK) and Human Molecular Genetics (M.Sc. St.Mary’s Medical School, Imperial College (UK). Her artistic research is situated within Post Humanism, investigating choreography as a gathering, currently developing a methodology on what she has coined as molecular choreography. As the choreographer of YELP danceco. (2001-) she has been creating performances for the stage, as well as site specific and public space projects, supported by the Greek Ministry of Culture, Athens and Epidaurus Festival, Onassis Cultural Center, Kalamata International Festival a.o. As an independent artist, (2011-17), she has been involved in several collectives (Green Park, Kolektiva Omonoia, Embros Theatre, Syndesmos Chorou), while she instigated the Collective Choreography Project CCP and from stage to page an artist led platform and publications on the Greek dance scene YELP danceco. works have been presented in Maribor, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Kassel, Berlin, London, Brighton, Ipswich, Bologna, Montpellier, Breste, Bucharest, Parnu, Aarhus, Brussels, Athens, Kavala, Patras, Thessaloniki, Volos, Hydra, Heraclion, Chania and have been selected to participate in ITI platform, Greek Biennial Dance Platform, Athens Biennial, Plesna Isba, Municipal Theatre of Patras, Patra Cultural Capital, The Place Commissions, The Video Place, Videodance festival and MIR festival. Mariela works as choreographer, Feldenkrais practitioner, movement director for theatre and mentor.