“Articulating the personal, forming the collective”, workshop by Ioanna Gerakidi

14.02.23 @ 16:30


Ioanna Gerakidi, Curatorial Fellow 2021, designed and moderated a workshop for SNF ARTWORKS Fellows 2022. Entitled “Articulating the personal, forming the collective”, the workshop thinks through and aims to work with diverse methodologies of researching, engaging with and producing a work. How can verbalizing, writing, or sharing processes of thinking through or making a work can be used as means to situate a practice, to find our words, to learn how to individually and collectively become otherwise.

Ioanna Gerakidi is a writer, curator and educator based in Athens. Her research interests think through the subjects of language and disorder, drawing on feminist, educational and anti-colonial studies. Poetry and other diaristic and archival schemes are often embedded in her practice.

“Pantheon Pantheon”  is the outcome of the workshop “Articulating the personal, forming the collective” led by our dear Curatorial Fellow, Ioanna Gerakidi.

“Pantheon Pantheon” is a collection of words, poems, fragments of diaries and fictional texts -amongst others- by the SNF ARTWORKS Fellows 2022 formed over the period of the thematic workshop “Articulating the personal, forming the collective” designed and led by Ioanna Gerakidi. The texts have been produced as exercises during the sessions and operated as reflections and as ways of situating and thinking through the subjects and audiovisual materials discussed over each session. The title is borrowed from an internet connection password and traces the laughs and cries, the awkwardness(es) and love(s) lingering over moments of togetherness. The Poster publication, has been thought, written and edited collectively, navigating through the limits of identity, the value of agency, the challenges and pleasure of interpersonal and psychosocial dynamics when working with personal archives and their transcriptions, but also with fictions, frictions and other safe or uncanny spaces.

“Pantheon Pantheon” – front


“Pantheon Pantheon” – back