Malvina Panagiotidi: It Was Evening All Afternoon


IT WAS EVENING ALL AFTERNOON is a 'single-day' show presented by visual artist and ARTWORKS Fellow 2018 Malvina Panagiotidi at YOU CANNOT HIDE FOR MORE THAN SEVEN YEARS, a public space in a private time. It is the name for a series of visual propositions of artists and architects to showcase on a single day.

THE INVITATION TO AN INTENTIONAL HIDE N ' SHOW DECLARATION suggests a 'single-day' show by artists and architects; a moral imperative to do with the meeting place of the artwork presented; a direct experience; works of art that tell you what is happening at the moment, the moment you see it. The single day show form deals not with duration but with time , it emphasizes the momentousness of the moment in artist's life; one moment is called HIDE, next moment is called SHOW; one moment 'these things never happened but are always', next moment 'these things happen but never were'. Now we need to invent reality . Either way, anyway, it is always about now, both the now in which it is being created and the now it is being seen.

On view: 16.06.2018 from 19:30 to 01:30

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