Hors Pistes — Encounters in Greenland

Group show

ARTWORKS Fellow Alexandros Simopoulos participates in the group show Hors Pistes — Encounters in Greenland,  at CID at Grand-Hornu.

During summer 2017, Hors Pistes brought together in Nuuk, capital of Greenland, international designers and greenlandic artisans, which resulted in collaborations where they shared their know-how and proposed new applications to traditional manufacturing methods.
As its territory remained geographically isolated, the ancient Inuit culture has been preserved for a long time. Craft techniques developed accordingly to a harsh environment and a demanding nomadic lifestyle. During one month, the collaborations blossomed in attempt to understand the link between the mastery of a technical gesture and a thousand-year-old traditional craft. The projects created in the workshops are the materialisation of an ephemeral dialogue between cultures, rich of common discoveries, where the design practices are invited to evolve, where the human interaction is emphasised.


Simón Ballen Botero, Designer
Paul Barret, Sound designer
Thomas Lauge Laarseeraq Julius Denis Berthelsen Boassen, Knotter
Frederik Brummerstedt, Netmaker
Pauline Clocher, Designer
Clelia Coussonnet, Curator, art editor, writer
Amandine David, Designer
Clément Faydit, Graphic designer
Karl Gabrielson, Carver
Coralie Gourguechon, Designer
Claudi Jensen, Netmaker
Jenna Kaës, Designer
Kim Kleist Eriksen, Artist, sculptor, musician
Peter Kristiansen “Kujooq“, Artist, sculptor, painter
Allan Larsen, Boat builder
Levisarha, Designers
Sara Marie Lyberth, Tailor and seamstress
Johanne Markussen, Tanner and seamstress
The Nuuk Kayak Building workshop
Lena Augusta Olsen, Ceramicist
Lisbeth Karline Poulsen, Artist
Hanseenaaraq Petersen, “Nukannguaq“, Skin seamstress
Ragna Ragnarsdottir, Designer
Siunîssok Rask, Netmaker
Alexandros Simopoulos, Artist, illustrator
Kristine Spore Kreutzmann, Ceramicist, artist


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