Aegean Datahaven

by Kyriaki Goni, travels to Arnhem, London & Utrecht


Aegean Datahaven, a work by Kyriaki Goni (ARTWORKS Fellow 2018), is going to be presented in three different shows in Arnhem, London and Utrecht.

  • The exhibition, Hidden Structures, organized by Oddstream in Arnhem, 11.10.2018-14.10.2018. Hidden Structures presents works which uncover the hidden, expose power dynamics in digital technologies and show us an alternative future. Hidden Structures takes place in an inherent hidden network: the historic medieval cellars of Arnhem.
  • The exhibition Data and Art, organized by Mozfest, in London, 22.10.2018-28.10.2018. Mozfest, is a celebration for, by, and about people who love the internet, showcasing world-changing ideas and technology through workshops, exhibitions, talks, and interactive sessions.
  • The exhibition Algorithmic Superstructures, organized by IMPAKT, in Utrecht, 24.10.2018-11.11.2018. The IMPAKT Festival 2018 explores the architecture behind algorithmic super-structures. What hidden realities and new imaginaries do algorithmic superstructures uncover in the post-truth era? Algorithmic Superstructures offers a diverse programme of art, technology and media culture.
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