Virginia Mastrogiannaki takes part in the exhibition “Marginalia”



"ReadingInReadingOutA", Virginia Mastrogiannaki © Makis Faros

«The phantom of freedom», Spyros Vrachoritis © Makis Faros

annexM, continuing its curatorial policy of site specific exhibitions and projects for the fourth year, under the artistic direction of Anna Kafetsi, is organizing a two month summer exhibition in the Garden of the Athens Concert Hall. The exhibition is open every day from sunset until midnight and entry is free to all.

annexM launches this year’s programme, which opens a meditative, underground dialogue with both the anniversary year of 2021 and 200 years of national existence, with an exhibition entitled Marginalia with the participation of artists Virginia Mastrogiannaki, Nina Pappa, Ilias Mamaliogas and Spiros Vrachoritis.

The exhibited works, with one exception, are new projects created specifically for this exhibition, while two performances by S. Vrachoritis and V. Mastrogiannaki have been put on and videoed in the Concert Gall Garden and Atrium.

The title of the exhibition (from the Latin margo, marginis: margin) in its literal meaning refers to notes and all kinds of marks and images written or drawn by readers on the margins of books or texts, a practice which can be traced back centuries to the notes and comments made by the copyists of biblical and classical manuscripts for functional and interpretative use. It also refers to a particular category of publishing, in which the author or editor gather together brief texts, scattered thoughts and fragmentary material.

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*Virginia Mastrogiannaki is a visual arts SNF ARTWORKS Fellow