Eleonora Siarava participates in TANZ:DIGITAL – Process, Dynamics, Discourse (Berlin)

28.02.23 @ 10:00

Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin

TANZ:DIGITAL–Process, Dynamics, Discourse, Photo: Elena Ferri

TANZ:DIGITAL–Process, Dynamics, Discourse, Photo: Elena Ferri

BLUE BEYOND (2022) Choreography Eleonora Siarava, National Theatre of Northern Greece, Photo: Sophia Tolika

Eleonora Siarava was selected to participate in the international interdisciplinary project TANZ:DIGITAL – Process, Dynamics, Discourse for the artistic research and experimentation with applied tools of Digital Technologies in Dance in a team of choreographers, dance artists and media artists.

Berlin, Kunstquartier Bethanien, February 2023

The program TANZ:DIGITAL – Process, Dynamics, Discourse is a cooperation of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland and ITI International Theatre Institute Germany/Media Library for Dance and Theatre.

Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in the programme NEUSTART KULTUR, tanz:digital aid program of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.

In parallel, the program organized a group exhibition – video installation where extracts of the following pieces of Eleonora Siarava were presented:


BLUE BEYOND, drawing from the chi-fi book of the beginning of the 20th century “Last and First Men: A Story of the Near and Far Future” by Olaf Stapledon, explores corporealities, cartographies and images of the Future and seeks to invent how the vision or the fantasy of the Future is depicted, reflected, embodied. Through an interplay with realities, dramaturgies, fictions, topologies, imaginary spaces of the future, memories of the live present and embodied traces of the past, BLUE BEYOND turns the stage into an active hybrid space with movements, objects, sounds, words and creates a live moving capsule of imprints and visions forming a Memoir for¦of the Future, a cyclic schema to represent time.

The piece questions how the body can map the future, with what material and movement landscapes. With what mythologies do we invest it, what archives it carries? In reverse, the performance, as a living space with memories, predictions, scenarios seeks to detect atmospheres and impressions of tomorrow floating in the sea of now, tune in to resonances, movements, waves of what is not yet here, has not arrived but it is already inscribed within us and within the dance to be made. What if the present through the moving body already encapsulates echoes of Future in a dance just before it ‘comes into being’.


The piece, was supported by the Ministry of Culture of Greece and presented in Theseum Theatre in Athens and the National Theatre of Northern Greece.

The Body and the Other~ (2020)
Premiere ΤANZHAUS NRW, Temps d’ Images Festival (Düsseldorf)

The Body and the Other~ is a dance performance / choreographic installation about the multiple body as a physical, digital and hybrid in-between corporeality placed in a mixed reality topology. There, temporal linearity is shattered and digital algorithms create random past, present and future blendings and overlappings. Through an experimental scenography involving video, projection mapping and motion tracking and the use of surfaces, objects and materials that follow their own technology and potential of movement, the aim is to unfold a performance as an unpredictable and unprescribed living entity with autonomous choreographic dramaturgy. By revealing what escapes or slips away from technology, The Body and the Other~ invites the elusive real in a piece based on an interplay between tactility and emptiness, appearing and disappearing imagery, absence and presence, with the moving body as a mediator and reminder of the deep human essence.

The project was co-funded by the program »Transfer International« of NRW KULTURsekretariat, the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) and
i-Portunus (Creative Europe), with the support of Tanzhaus NRW in the framework of TEMPS D’IMAGES Festival and is an interdisciplinary collaboration between Eleonora Siarava | Per_Dance Choreographic Research Platform and Mixed Reality and Visualization Institut | Department of Media, Düsseldorf University


Eleonora Siarava is choreographer and artistic director of Per_Dance Choreographic Research Platform working between Greece and Germany. She studied ‘Dance Μaking and Performance’ (MA-Distinction, Coventry University) and ‘Choreography and Performance’ (Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany). She has presented her work in Greece and internationally. For her piece The Body and the Other~ premiered at Tanzhaus NRW, Temps d’ Images Festival (2020), was supported by the program »Transfer International« of NRW KULTURsekretariat of Germany, Ministry of Culture and Science of NRW, artistic mobility grant I-Portunus/Creative Europe and collaborated with Mixed Reality and Visualization Institut (Düsseldorf University) for the use of digital technology. She worked as a performer for Marina Abramović’s project ‘A different way of hearing’ at Alte Oper Frankfurt and was resident choreographer at SE.S.TA Centre for Choreographing Development/Interdisciplinary Incubator 2019 (Prague) and Duncan Dance Research Center (Athens). She participated in ‘Moving Digits’/Creative Europe project for Dance and Digital Technologies (2018-2020) and was fellow of START program by Robert Bosch Stiftung & Goethe Institut. As an artist she is interested in abstraction in dance and her intention is to create enigmatic multilayered performances through the experimentation with aesthetic forms, imaginary and real spaces, overlapping temporalities, multisensory perception, hybridity, atmospheres. Her site & time specific choreographic installation “Step-in” was presented at Thessaloniki Concert Hall. Since 2020 is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Greece. During that period she created the pieces Who knows where the time goes-potential destination #1 and BLUE BEYOND (National Theatre of Northern Greece) and developed the choreographic research UnderScore, Choreographic Objects and more.

*Eleonora Siarava has been awarded the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) Artist Fellowship by ARTWORKS in 2022 in the field of Choreography.