Screen Spaces, a geography of moving image

Group Show


Seward Educational Campus, 350 Grand St., New York

ARTWORKS Fellow Manolis Daskalakis-Lemos participates in Screen Spaces, a geography of moving image, an exhibition and lecture program within the For the Record series from 1 to 7 December 2018 in New York.

Het Nieuwe Instituut launches the exhibition and lecture series Screen Spaces, a geography of moving image in New York. The program explores video and time-based media, including net art, set-design, animation, video, reportage, music videos, television, CCTV, and social media channels, as sites of reality production and circulation. By examining the material, spatial and political dimensions of the space of the screen and the territories it mediates, Screen Spaces aims to unveil the identities, ideologies and imaginaries that inform video culture today.

Participating artists:
Constant Dullaart, Live Archiving, Sean Monahan, Analisa Teachworth, Shigeko Kubota, with exhibition design by Marlous Borm Co-curated by Agustin Schang, Devin Kenny, Rites Network, Angus Tarnawsky and Jan Bot with exhibition design by Koos Breen and Jeannette Slutter, JODI, Manolis Daskalakis-Lemos, Naime Perrette, Tayyib Ali

Curated by:
For The Record; Vere van Gool, Emma Macdonald