“STIMONI” curated by Stefania Orfanidou

23.11.23 @ 19:00

MISC Athens

Texts, as a daily practice, creation and discovery, construct the memory of the city in the present. They are constantly knitted and unknitted as if the threads of a warp (stimoni in Greek), over and under which other threads are passed to make cloth. STIMONI exhibition is an articulation of nine artistic multimedia projects and performances by eleven artists. The works, chosen for the different practices they incorporate, write with their different gazes and media the text of their own experiences of Athens. Woven with the personal warp of each artist, they compose narratives, and form new writings. They weld their matter in space, surrendering to the act of looking, inviting one to wander and discover diverse spatio-temporal experiences. Like shells, or scraps of personal or collective memories, they preserve part of the city’s whole. In STIMONI, the text unfolds in all its parts; as construction, as weaving, as an acoustic composition, and finally, or primarily, as fallen matter lying on the ground.

Artists: Myrto Xanthopoulou, Antonis Theodoridis, Stelios Papagrigoriou, Collectif MASI, Yannis Stournas, Yorgos Karailias, Filippos Vasiliou, Alexandros Mistriotis, Giorgos Varoutas, Anna Linardou

Concept & curation: Stefania Orfanidou

Graphic design: Blind Studio
Exhibition duration: Thursday 23 November – Sunday 10 December 2023
Opening: Thursday 23 November 2023, at 19:00
MISC Athens Tousa Botsari 20, Athens 11741
Opening hours: Thurday 2-8 pm / Friday 2-8 pm / Saturday 12-6 pm / Sunday 12-6 pm www.miscathens.com

Free entrance

*Myrto Xanthopoulou, Antonis Theodoridis, Stelios Papagrigoriou, Madlen Anipsitaki (member of Collectif MASI), Filippos Vasiliou and Stefania Orfanidou are SNF ARTWORKS Fellows