Maria Mavropoulou & Paola Palavidi at the group show “Her Data”

23.09.21 @ 15:00


Have you ever wondered why Siri, Alexa and Cortana are given female voices and names? How do machines see women? Can machines perceive diversity?

The exhibition Her Data looks into the role of data and algorithms in the current age of artificial intelligence through the female perspective. It also explores female and diverse representationin the context of our fast-paced consumption of technology. Stereotypes, different types of bias and taboos seem to come back stronger in the digital sphere, reproducing outdated worldviews, marginalising certain social groups and discriminating between communities.

Four female artists present different stories of how dominant technological narratives influence the way we experience our identities and the world, through social media, search engines and AI applications. Their works raise questions about the use of our data from tech-giants and they invite us to look deeper at the design of current technological systems, exposing how they work and what worldviews they propagate.

In a male dominated tech-industry, where discrimination persists, diversity is at stake. Global statistics show that the tech and AI industry is dominated by males, primarily white, excluding women and diverse communities from positions of power. This imbalance in the industry inevitably brings forward the questions: who designs these technologies and for whom. The growing market of machine learning and the widespread use of pattern recognition and classification algorithms in everyday life further amplify the concerns about the reproduction of social inequity through our technological systems. The exhibition brings alternative perspectives on our current relationship with technologies by exploring the aesthetics, the power structures and the social issues that emerge.

Exhibition Design | Martha Giannakopoulou | if_untitled architects
Art Direction | Korina Gallika
Audiovisual Design | Michalis Antonopoulos, Makis Faros
Press & Publicity | Yorgos Katsonis
Art Mediator | Lydia Panagou

Her Data is taking place with the support of NEON

Exhibition: Her Data
Participating Artists: Eli Cortiñas (ES/DE), Maria Mavropoulou (GR), Mimi Ọnụọha (NG/USA),
Paola Palavidi (GR)
Curated by Katerina Gkoutziouli & Foteini Vergidou
Venue: Romantso, Anaxagora 3 – Athens
Duration: 23 September – 14 October 2021
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 15:00 – 21:00. Closed on Mondays.

* Maria Mavropoulou and Paola Palividi are SNF ARTWORKS Fellows