Lito Kattou & Petros Moris: Siren Daylight

13.06.18 @ 18:00

ROOM E-10 27 at Center, Berlin

Room E-10 27 at Center is pleased to present Siren Daylight, a two-person exhibition by Petros Moris (ARTWORKS Fellow 2018) and Lito Kattou.

In a lecture titled ‘How Better to Register the Agency of Things’, Bruno Latour shows the audience a photograph taken from the seat of an airliner. The window of the plane frames a partial view of the wing and front section of the jet engine. Thousands of meters below the engine is a view of a patch of the north Atlantic filled with scattered pieces of ice. Latour tells the audience: “In earlier times I would have seen the ice and the reactor as two separate things. But now when I look at the ice and the reactor of the Boeing itself, you feel that they are related so that the distinction between foreground and background is finally gone. It’s very difficult to see the ice just as a spectacle in the new/old idea of a landscape. There is no landscape anymore, we are in it.”

On view: 14.06.2018-21.07.2018