In Loco Parentis: 7 artists on their parents


24.05.18 @ 20:00

Romantzo, Athens

Despina Flessa (ARTWORKS Fellow 2018) participates in group show In Loco Parentis:

Last November, in Moscow, six artist friends met at the home of Maxim Illiukin and Natascha Strutchkova to share short presentations of their work. Eleni Mylonas showed a video she had just completed about her mother. The video was moving and powerful and at the end of the projection there was an outburst of enthusiastic clapping. Maxim then suggested that the six artists present including our friend Rafael Mahdavi, form a group of seven artists to revisit the legacy of their parents through their own work. It is interesting to note that some of the parents were artists themselves. This exhibition is made possible with the kind support of the art space Romantso.

Participting artists: Euphrosyne Doxiadis, Despina Flessa, Maxim Ilyukhin, Rafael Mahdavi, Ivan Masteropoulos, Eleni Mylona, Natasha Struchkova

The show runs through 31.05.2018.