Group show

22.02.19 @ 19:00

Alibi Gallery, Athens

ARTWORKS Fellow Iason Megoulas (Cacao Rocks) curates the exhibition Here to Stay, at Alibi Gallery.

In the past years artists from abroad have come to Athens. Either for international exhibitions, because of the “hype”, the rumors for cheap rent, or just for the sun. Many left quickly as they came to understand “here is the Balkans and it’s not fun and games” (D. Savopoulos). But, some found a creative aura, love, or the strength to stay in this city. Young artists from different corners of the world, from the USA to Russia, have not abandoned Athens after the deflation of the dream of a creative paradise. But insist to live and create here. They will show their work in this exhibition titled Here to Stay. Painting on canvas, watercolor on paper, installations, embossed wood, and street art will be shown. The artists are Lydia Birdly, David Robert Fenwick, Alexander Jaschik, Demitrios Amneris, and Maxim Heller.