19.11.22 @ 16:00

One Minute Space


Folk Fiction brings together nine artists from different geographies who share a fascination with demarcating and poetically deconstructing fundamental aspects of representation. Pulling away from traditional modes of meaning-making, they look at language as a system of oral resonances and historically imbued forms. By fictionalizing and abstracting, they create new meanings that allow multiple identities to be expressed.

The works on view draw on lores, oral traditions and anecdotal accounts transmitted across times. Considering how these forms of knowledge have been reused and co-opted to build institutional and colonial narratives, the artists explore a double consciousness–simultaneously rediscovering oral traditions and inheritances, and dissembling them in order to examine their implications in the present.

From mythical maps to invented rituals, Folk Fiction looks at the past as imaginatively open-ended. Several of the works on view evoke Saidiya Hartman’s method of “critical fabulation”, which combines fiction and critical historical research to transgress the official accounts of history. Folk Fiction sees how far fabulation can be pushed, and what capability it has for producing multifaceted representations of the past, present and future.

Performance on Opening Night

and speak (why?) with mute ash

The public program of performances and gatherings will start during the opening of the exhibition with “and speak (why?) with mute ash”, a performance by writer and artist Ashkan Sepahvand on Saturday, November 19th at 19:00 pm.

Folk Fiction
November 19th – December 22nd, 2022
Opening: Saturday, November 19th at 19:00 pm
At: One Minute Space, Athens
Artists: James Beckett, Jesse Chun, Alexis Fidetzis, Carolina Fusilier and Miko Revereza, Jenny Marketou, Ashkan Sepahvand, Anastasia Sosunova, and Maria Varela
Curated by Ariana Kalliga

Weekly Exhibition Schedule
Wednesday to Friday: 16:00 – 20:00 PM
Saturday: 12:00 – 16:00 PM

*Alexis Fidetzis, Maria Varela and Ariana Kalliga are SNF ARTWORKS Fellows