Five perspectives

Group show

30.11.18 @ 20:00

Kappatos Gallery

Giannis Delagrammatikas (ARTWORKS Fellow 2018) participates in the Five Perspectives exhibition at Kappatos Gallery, 30.11.2018 -12.01.2019.

The Kappatos Gallery presents five contemporary artists with five distinct sections of works. Each section occupies a standalone space, where each artist exhibits part of his recent personal work, which acts as an independent presence in the context of a comprehensive group exhibition.

Giannis Delagrammatikas presents his ongoing project with Ino Varvariti “The willingness to revisit, 2012-2018”. The project starts from the performative process of “collecting” souvenir and takes the form of an installation, exploring the importance of objects as carriers of meaning, as products of exchange or economic exploitation in the context of tourism and cultural practices.

The exhibition aims to promote and highlight the ways in which five contemporary creators approach artistic practices of the present, through different paths and approaches, based on their personal style and way of expression.

Participating artists:
Ino Varvariti, Ino Varvariti/Giannis Delagrammatikas, Lamprini Markou, Panos Famelis, Socrates Fatouros