Andreas Ragnar Kassapis

Eirene Efstathiou

Elena Demetria Chantzis

Aimilia Liontou

Madlen Anipsitaki

Foivos Dousos with Fil Ieropoulos (FYTA)

Irini Miga

Ilektra Maipa

Anestis Ioannou

Christos Mouchas

Working at the intersection of multiple disciplines, drawing inspiration from the everyday, giving value to the barely noticeable, focusing on the relationship between the artist and the audience, working as an artistic duo, thinking queer art as an expression of resistance, moving from grassroots practices to projects placed within institutional frameworks; these were some of the topics discussed during the 3rd round of our Fellows’ presentations. Thank you Eirene Efstathiou, Andreas Ragnar Kassapis, Irina Miga , Madlen Anipsitaki, Elena Demetria Chantzis , Aimilia Liontou, Foivos Dousos -1/2 of FYTA with Fil Ieropoulos- Anestis Ioannou , Ilektra Maipa, Christos Mouchas  and everyone who attended! Until next time 👋🏻