Faulty boy: the performance by SAM ALBATROS

12.05.22 @ 21:00


Α “faulty” boy in a -phobic and violent rural greek city. Blood from a punch in a video game and blood off-screen. A boy who isn’t good at being a boy and has to change, has to be slave to other people’s desires. While he only wants to be a slave like Britney Spears in I’m a Slave 4 U; he wants to dance like her because it is fun. A typical Greek family which on the pretence of having the boy’s best interest at heart, has absolutely no idea what’s good for him. A boy that ends up beating up his teddy bears using a belt, pretending to be a dad who takes care of his kids. Past and present collide: a violent father who becomes daddy who becomes daddy issues. Pokemon and Sailor Moon as the grand narratives of childhood, as a mean to escape in a colourful world. And the hope for the metamorphosis, to become something else, something with wings, something away-from-here.

Faulty boy: the performance
The Queer Archive festival #3
Sam Albatros
Romantso, 3 Anaxagora str. Athens
May 12 2022, 21:00-22:00

*Sam Albatros is SNF ARTWORKS Fellow