Into my garden come, Primarolia Festival 2019


Primarolia Festival 2019, Aigio

Into my garden come

Maria Tsagkari, Intimate letters, 2019 (still)

Maria Tsagkari, Intimate letters, 2019 (still)

Maria Tsagkari (Fellow 2019) presents her new video work Intimate letters at the exhibition Into my garden come in Aigio, Greece, a contemporary art show, part of the Primarolia Festival 2019.

Eight artists arrive in Aigio eager to start a new conversation with the place. Aigio, a town cradled between the sea and the high mountains holds a history that dates back to ancient times and offers a fertile ground of artistic creation and dialogue through a contemporary art exhibition. The exhibition focuses on the metaphorical concept of the garden. The title is taken from Emily Dickinson’s verse “Into my garden come!”, perceived as a meeting and gathering of senses, ingredients, objects, ideas – a point of conjunction, of matter and meaning, of past and future. This new sowing of people, ideas and meetings takes place in the coastal zone of Aigio, known as Vostizza during the Middle Ages, meaning the city of gardens, lending the famous name to the local currant variety PDO «VOSTIZZA».

Artists: Rob Kesseler, Agalis Manessi, Aggelos Antonopoulos, Luc Messinezis, Yiannis Brouzos, Maria Tsagkari, Kostas Pappas and Bill Psarras

Curator: Nansy Charitonidou