Delphian Landscapes / OMIO 2021 @ Hyperlink Athens

09.12.21 @ 17:00


Delphian Landscapes is a series of underwater multi-site-specific installations project that takes place in the marine region of Corinth Greece and its surrounding sea areas. The team utilizes a plethora of LED lights that are installed on the sea bed amongst and within ancient structures, sunken vessels, and post-industrial artifacts. The project was initiated in 2019 in cooperation with Hyperlink Athens and is ongoing.

OMIO (1999) was formed in Athens by a group of train graffiti writers active in hacking networks, urban exploration, and in situ actions. The team has produced work all around Greece and in various foreign countries. The team works with large-scale installations, film, and audio recording focusing on multiple locations, from train graveyards to underground war shelters and from abandoned urban voids to peripheral industrial areas.

OMIO practice consists of a variety of actions that take place out of formal structures. These are small acts that provide momentary disruptions and ‘’cuts’’ in the everyday rationalized order (function) of the public space. These situations are based on a continuous collection and reassertion of environmental components in specific sites/structures. The topography of each of these sites is highly considered. The main intent of these actions is to infiltrate the site structure by integrating into it in an attempt to deconstruct and unlock layers between the sites fragments – components and mechanisms. Since 2008 the team focuses on the medium of artificial light emissions and large-scale installations.

Every action undertaken by OMIO is ephemeral since by itself it rejects the notion of the establishment.

Hyperlink Athens is an open research project, a site of interdisciplinary collaboration; this is the core that characterizes its trajectory. Hyperlink expands its practice/methodology into a symbiotic manner with off-site installations, in-situ interventions, video documentation, and sound, with a view to creating an autonomous fluid mode between artwork and curation. The praxis of putting works in a new light provides a critical research process of investigation, discovery, and reflection on contemporary culture.

OMIO “Delphian Landscapes”
09.12.2021 – 09.01.2022
Opening 5:00pm – 10:00pm
Asimaki Fotila 32 Exarcheia, Athens 11473
Opening Hours: Thursday – Saturday 6 PM – 9 PM and by appointment

Delphina Landscapes is organized by Georgios Karamanolakis (Fellow 2021) and Alexandra Koumantaki (Fellow 2019) in collaboration with art historian and curator Christoforos Marinos.