Cra(u)sh. Or How You Made Me Kiss The Pavement.



Can we capture our lives overturned by a crash?

Three of our Fellows – Evi Kalogeropoulou, Eva Papamargariti, and Valinia Svoronou – participate with their works in the exhibition Cra(u)sh. Or how you made me kiss the pavement the pavement., which examines the other side of the accident. Streets, routes, vehicles, encounters, crashes, are revisited through the new materialist agenda and pop culture. Twelve young artists study drifts and wounds, isolate and re-construct the entanglement of matter and flesh, the absolute fusion of machine, landscape and man, within the premise of organic and inorganic world.

With reference to J.G.Ballard’s literary work Crash from the 70s and the notion of the fetishistic desire erected by he crash, the body as anatomy and sign encounters emotions and the inorganic. The wound, as the engraved trace upon the skin, becomes a mouth or a vagina, revealing love for the inorganic. The exhibition’s space stimulates the scene of the crash.

Through different mediums and practices, the artists unfold different sides of crash and crush. The artworks include image bendings of an automotive legacy, interpretations of erotic symbols, exhausting trials of hard/soft materiality, perfomative reductions of conflict, techno-bio-philic studies of the hybridal boy and docu-fictove formulations of archival material.

Who’s next to cra(u)sh?

Phaidon Gialis, Konstantinos Giotis, Christos Delidimos, Evi Kalogeropoulou, Byron Kalomamas, Orestis Karalis, Konstantinos Lianos, Eva Papamargariti, Marios Stamatis, Valinia Svoronou, Marina Velisioti, Iria Vrettou.

Vassiliki-Maria Plavou.

Exhibition Duration: 14 February – 08 March.
Opening: 14 February, 20:00.