Alexandros Simopoulos at Santa Fe Art Institute


15.03.19 @ 18:30

Santa Fe Art Institute

ARTWORKS Fellow 2018, Alexandros Simopoulos, presents his work at Santa Fe Art Institute, on Friday March 15, 2019 as part of the the SFAI140 exhibition. SFAI140 is a dynamic presentation platform highlighting the inspiration and work of the artists-in-residence and community leaders.  It is an opportunity to view SFAI artists’ open studios and exhibitions around the annual residency theme (the 2018/2019 theme is Truth & Reconciliation).

Through the Fulbright Artist Residency Award, he participates in the Santa Fe Art Institute “Truth and Reconciliation” residency, continuing his artistic research. Simopoulos works with people from the native community of Santa Fe, collaborates and creates studio and public works. He blends his research regarding oral tradition, with his fascination in collaborating with local communities and creates work with a positive impact on the public space.

SFAI140 March 2019 Exhibiting Artists:
Maria Sandra Aguilar, Truth & Reconciliation Resident
Valentine Cadieux, Truth & Reconciliation Resident
Varuni Kanagasundaram, Truth & Reconciliation Resident
Yukiyo Kawano, Truth & Reconciliation Resident
Philip Crawford, Truth & Reconciliation Resident
Alexandros Simopoulos, Greece Fulbright Fellow