3 Fellows take part in the exhibtion A thousand stories stitched on a piece of cloth. 1821-2021



Aγγελική Μπόζου, Still Frame

Mαρία Βαρελά, Έν πανίον

Mαρία Βαρελά, Έν πανίον

Aggeliki Bozou, Maria Varela and Ilektra Stamboulou (all of them SNF ARTWORKS Fellows in visual arts) participate in the exhibition A thousand stories stitched on a piece of cloth. 1821-2021. The exhibition includes small stories within a larger one, having as a point of reference the garment, its transformations, its symbolic dimension as well as its political and other uses from the Revolution era to today.

Through indicative examples from different time periods, interconnected and redistributed, the exhibition blends yesterday with today, local with universal, as well as “tradition” with “fashion”. From the foustanela of the revolution fighters and the versions worn by “King Otto” and by the Evzones, to Mick Jagger’s famous “heretic” variation but also to that of “Iasonas” of Bost’s Medea. From the women of Zalongo to their “motion picture” and other analogues and from the black uniforms of the Sacred Band to those of the Messolonghi Philarmonic Band in their image. In a parallel manner, from the ottoman salvar all the way to the fashion of the bloomers and the spandex, and from the philhellenic fashion à la Bobelina to the commemorative scarf of Hermès Fashion House, offering alternatives and maybe unexpected narrations.

Through the instrumental contribution of contemporary visual artists, the subjects are developed through Video/Digital Art, where old “materials” and stories are recycled to new compounds with unexpected meanings and sometimes with symbolic ramifications pertaining to the modern reality. The combined total of the works forms a serial streaming exhibition concluding in 12 individual episodes, each one with a different scenario, different protagonists and contributors. The subjects will be posted on the web as a work in progress, every Friday at 18:21p.m. Parallel to that they will be distributed through the facebook page and youtube channel of the Museum of the History of the Greek Costume of the Lykeion ton Ellinidon, inviting the public to “follow” the exhibition and to keep track of its continuity. Applying however a “phygital” (physical and digital) model of the exhibition’s evolution, selected thematic unities will be presented at the headquarters of the Museum of the History of Greek Costume and at the Central Building of the Lykeion ton Ellinidon, combining thus the physical with the digital world.

Participant visual artists: Marilena Aligizaki, Alexandra Anagnostopoulou, Maria Varela, Iro Vouvoueli, Mary Thivaiou, Maria Kotsou, Aggeliki Bozou, Elektra Stampoulou

Concept – Supervision and texts: Tania Veliskou, museologist

Exhibition links:

Website: https://1821.lykeionellinidon.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GreekCostumeMuseum 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lykeionellinidon 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEdjn6Uw13hCEgXOrZT2MSw