‘Sprouts of a dragon’s teeth’, directed by Danae Io, at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA)


Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), London

Days In Between, Dir. Marianna Christofides, Germany/France/Greece 2015

à propos de venise (Concerning Venice [History Lessons]) Dir. Jean-Marie Straub, Switzerland 2014

Sprouts of a dragon’s teeth Dir. Danae Io, Greece/Netherlands 2023

Palimpest Landcapes
Film Program and Q&A
Thu, 02 Mar 2023
Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), London

‘Sprouts of a dragon’s teeth’, the latest short film by Danae Io, will be screening at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), London on March 2nd, along with Jean-Marie Straub’s ‘à propos de venise’ and Marianna Christofides’ ‘Days in between’.

Like palimpsest pages on which new writing has been superimposed on the traces of old, this programme of short films looks at landscapes as sites where multiple histories have been inscribed and overwritten on the physical terrain. In their varying filmic languages, the selected works explore landscapes not just as backdrops to narratives but as devices partaking in historical processes.

The selection of films ties in with Danae Io’s research during her residency at Delfina Foundation into ways of depicting landscapes through film as spaces where different histories co-exist over time, blending social and physical spheres. The programme operates by bringing her work in relation to filmmakers that explore the connection between people and land as well as the ways dominant narratives are formed in adjacent locations to her research.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Delfina Foundation artist in residence Danae Io and Viviana Checchia, Residency Curator at Delfina Foundation.

Find more information about Palimpest Landcapes Film Program and Q&A here.