Artist’s Talk: Katie Duck

19.06.20 @ 00:00


Katie Duck with Maria Mavridou during her zoom talk, 19.06.2020

Katie Duck with Maria Mavridou and ARTWORKS Fellows, 19.06.2020

Katie Duck, CAGE, 2016

Katie Duck, Diary of a Quarantined Artist - Corona Princess, 2020

What do we mean by “live”? What is our relationship to the public? What is experimental and what is interdisciplinary? What do we mean by political?

Important questions raised by Katie Duck , dancer, choreographer and director, during her Zoom talk for our Fellows on Friday June 19. Katie’s talk about the consequences on the professional life of performing artists, during and after the lockdown, was moderated by Maria Mavridou, greek contemporary dancer based in Amsterdam. Many things to think about. Thank you all for the stimulating discussion 🙂

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